Switching from Raw Vegan Diet to the Paleolithic Diet

by Joanne on June 11, 2009

in Food and Nutrition

I’ve tried eating a raw, vegan diet, but the longest I ever lasted was five days. And it was five days of constantly thinking about food, being hungry, and gorging on fats at night. I just couldn’t stick with it.

I’ve given the paleolithic diet a good look, and it makes a lot of sense to me. It’s the diet our species has been eating for a long, long, long, long, long time. So I’ve been eating much more meat than I normally do. The pain in my right hip that I’ve lived with the past year is gone, and my body runs quite a bit hotter.

Most importantly, I don’t obsess about food anymore. When I eat protein early in the day, I’m sated for many hours. My energy needs are met with little food that takes no time at all to prepare. Granted, my recipes are pretty simple. I never learned to cook from my mother and have eaten out of a box, can or bag most of my life or from a restaurant. I bought and cooked my very first pork chop last month.

The hardest thing is giving up hot decaf mochas at Starbucks, which I did on Monday. (I switched to decaf mochas when I gave up coffee. I was probably better off with the coffee.) I love those, and I love hanging out with friends there. Hot tea just doesn’t cut it, but the sugar has to go. Maybe I’ll allow one mocha a week.

My food stamp allotment came in and I went shopping today. I thought I’d give you an idea of the kind of food that I’m eating these days. Please enjoy this video. (P.S. I just got the book The Primal Blueprint from Marks Daily Apple but mistitled it in the video. I also called campari tomatoes caprisi tomatoes. I don’t have software to edit the video, so we’re stuck with it. My apologies.)

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