Amazing Manifestations Just Keep On Coming

by Joanne on January 25, 2009

in New Thought

I’ve continued to read about how to manifest and am having great success, and I wanted to share some more examples with you. Hopefully you already read about how I found the owners of a building I was curious about.

A week later I was sitting at a window seat at Starbucks. It sits on the corner of a four-way stoplight intersection. I noticed across the street and down a few buildings that one of them had a small sign that said Yoga.

In Oregon I wanted to try yoga, but I didn’t have the time or gas money to drive half an hour into town. This studio was within walking distance from my home. I walked over but it was closed, so I took a pamphlet and promptly lost it at home.

Two days later I went to the Starbucks at Barnes and Noble several miles away and saw Jesse and Ricardo again. Shortly after I arrived a man came in and began talking with them about yoga. As the man was leaving I asked him if he owned a yoga studio. He did. In fact, the one I had visited. Imagine that!

I gave him my number to call when the first session was starting. I didn’t know how I was going to pay for it. I ended up selling a bunch of DVD sets on Amazon, which paid me over $500. So I joined a yoga class.

The Infinite Helps Me Find a Book

I was in my library looking for my Herbert Shelton book on fasting. I have 13 bookcases with six shelves each, and I scanned them all looking for this blue book but couldn’t find it. I didn’t want to go through that again, so I lowered my head, closed my eyes, and said, “Mind, you know where this book is. Show me.” I opened my eyes, raised my head, and while I was imagining it behind me I realized I was staring at the book! My body, independent of my conscious mind, raised the head and eyeballs and pointed them at the book.

I Manifest a Schedule of Meetings

I thought I might be able to meet people by attending AA, but I didn’t have a schedule of meetings. At Starbucks I met a man named Mike. I found out he was in the program and asked him where some meetings were. He pulled a schedul out of his pocket and gave it to me. The schedule came to me! (I went to one and realized it’s not for me any more.)

Trouble Manifesting a Dime

The books on manifesting say it’s important to visualize what you want. So as a test I had been visualizing finding a dime, face down, on wet concrete while wearing my coat and gloves. I’d been visualizing it for a month and was frustrated none appeared. How can I teach when I can’t even manifest a dime? I couldn’t even find a penny!

I found myself looking on the ground whenever I was in a parking lot and had to remind myself, “Don’t search for it. The Universe will tell you when to look down.” I certainly didn’t want to become a scrounge.

Also, I’d say to myself, “There’s snow on the ground. The vision didn’t have snow,” or “This isn’t the asphalt you saw.” I kept finding reasons why the environment didn’t match my vision and therefore why the dime would not be there.

This was confusing to me, because I had found the owners of the building, the yoga teacher, my fasting book and the AA schedule with just a simple thought quickly released, but here I had carefully and consistently envisioned exactly how this dime would come to me and it had been over a month. What gives?

Two days ago while walking home from my friend Tom’s house, I looked down and then reminded myself, “Don’t look down.” “There’s no snow in your imagined picture.” Then I began questioning myself. Why does it matter that the scene exactly match? Why does it matter that the asphalt be a certain size or be wet? Isn’t the whole purpose to find a dime? I found myself agreeing with myself.

At the time that conversation was going on I was passing a bar and a thought entered my mind, “Now this is a likely place for people to drop money.” I looked down and there it was! My dime! Heads up.

Manifested Dinner Last Night

Yesterday I needed to get freezer bags to store rabbit for the cats. I left the house intending to take a long walk to a grocery store. It was so cold though. Within six blocks the fat on my thighs was frozen and my thighs were numb. So I turned left and walked a few blocks, then took another left and found myself heading for Starbucks. I had had no intention of going there.

I was tempted to get two Egg McMuffins for $3 as I passed McDonalds but decided against spending what little money I had on junk food. I decided to stop by Under the Clock and get a crock of French onion soup, but the restaurant was closed until 4 o’clock. So I headed to Starbucks. On my way I thought, “I’d sure like to eat dinner out. It would be great if someone were to treat me to dinner.”

When I originally left the house I didn’t take my purse with me or a book, which I always take because I like reading while enjoying a hot mocha. What to do at Starbucks? I decided I’d find someone to talk to. Maybe Phil would be there. But when I arrived, no one I knew was there. So I squinted my eyes (didn’t have my glasses either) and read the lousy newspaper. Then Phil arrived.

Now here’s an interesting thing about Phil. I first saw him and his wife at a steakhouse clear across town over a month before and thought they were a very interesting looking couple. There was something special about Phil. Then several days later when I went to Starbucks near my home for the first time, Phil was there. I thought that he was going to play a role in my life. I even got the odd idea that he was a preacher. Maybe he was a Unity preacher and had a church and would help me learn manifesting.

I had found out from Phil a couple weeks ago that he had worked in the auto industry, had suffered an industrial accident and was retired. And he was a Christian. So much for him being a preacher, let alone a Unity one.

Last night he told me he didn’t expect anyone to be at Starbucks on a Saturday but he hoped I would be there. I told him when I found myself heading to Starbucks that I hoped he would be there.

After we had talked for a few hours he asked me if I’d like to walk over to Under the Clock and get a steak. Oh happy day! This would be my first dinner invitation since arriving in Erie with the first friend I had made. And I had so been wanting to eat a steak. The last one I had eaten was in that restaurant when I first saw Phil.

As we were waiting to be seated I saw a pregnant woman and just knew she was carrying a boy, which she confirmed when I asked. I saw another pregnant woman but didn’t know what she was carrying. I wanted to guess, but thought, “You either know or don’t. Don’t guess.”

You’re not going to believe what Phil told me at dinner. He told me he was a preacher, ordained and all, with his own church in his home. Isn’t that something? And on the walk back to Starbucks I found three pennies, one nickel and another dime.

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